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Text Analytics World Chicago 2016

Welcome to Text Analytics World. Welcome to the next generation of text analytics! While topics change with each new event and dynamic presenter, we’re passionate about helping organizations capture value from unstructured data.

TAW draws a unique pool of attendees, in particular:

  1. Business leaders and decision-makers employing – or planning to employ – text analytics to solve business challenges
  2. Core practitioners tasked with deploying and operating text analytics tools

Work with us and learn what your prospective customers want first hand. There are plenty of opportunities for lead generation, quality conversation, and networking.

As the leading commercial event, TAW is the go-to place where top analytics vendors meet new customers. If your company wishes to raise the profile of your analytics solution, this conference is a natural fit. We offer the opportunity to demonstrate your product, create awareness in our event expo, and perhaps even take the stage to share thought leadership.

Why Sponsor?

Based on the experiences of sponsors at our events, TAW sponsors can:

  • See a strong ROI: 33% of returning sponsors increased their sponsorship level
  • Get in front of customers that buy: Greater than 46% of TAW attendees were likely to consider a new analytics vendor solution. 28% of attendees have direct decision making responsibility
  • Create a national (or global!) presence: 30% of sponsors signed on for another show within the same year in a different city
  • Connect with motivated prospects: 41% of attendees say they look forward to networking in the exhibit hall with leading vendors
  • Engage face-to-face with enterprise leads: 26% of the attendees work for companies larger than 5,000 employees
  • Shape the future of text analytics: meet face to face with the largest text analytics community
  • Be where the action is: Text Analytics World is the first and leading pure-play, cross-vendor conference covering the commercial deployment of text analytics.

Each TAW conference boasts a completely new, value-packed line-up of industry leaders and advanced practitioners, with very little overlap between events.

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