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BrainspaceBrainspace Discovery™ is the industry’s most advanced platform for text analytics. Our powerful machine learning reads and understands each document, extracting concepts and meaning and connecting related phrases across documents — even those that say the same thing different ways. From a powerful zero-state — no human input or taxonomy required — Brainspace Discovery™ identifies the most frequently used terms and concepts, communication flows, and visualizes related content in an interactive cluster navigator. With features such as Transparent Concept Search, Communication Analytics, and all-new Predictive Coding, Brainspace Discovery™ is the ideal unstructured data analytics tool to find the story from within your data.

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Expert SystemExpert System develops software that understands the meaning of written language.

Based upon Cogito, a patented technology that employs millions of definitions, concepts and relationships, our software applications read and understand multiple languages the way people do.

Business and government can enhance insight, make more enlightened decisions, and strengthen what analytics can reveal.

SmartlogicWe believe that organizations can outperform others if they fully utilize the huge business value contained in content. To realize this value we know you must understand your content, the information and knowledge it contains, and how it can be applied in the context of your operations. We focus all of our energy on creating value from content – something we call content intelligence.

Semaphore is our content intelligence platform; it captures the context of your business then analyzes content to identify and present its value. Smartlogic’s content intelligence solutions enable better access to corporate knowledge, improved risk management and compliance, superior customer service and relationship management, enhanced information findability for key audiences, and an improved ability to monetize information. Hundreds of companies, including NASA, Bank of America, Target, Audi, Disney and Honeywell use Semaphore.

Smartlogic has offices in San Jose, CA; London; Washington, DC; and Boston.

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appenAppen is a global leader in speech and search technology services. With expertise in more than 150 languages, Appen partners with leading technology and ecommerce companies as they develop new offerings and expand them to global markets. Our solutions help companies create engaging products with accurate speech interfaces and relevant content ranging from web sites, to maps, images, and merchandise.