Jans Aasman

Jans Aasman


Franz Inc.

Jans Aasman started his career as an experimental and cognitive

psychologist, earning his PhD in cognitive science with a detailed model

of car driver behavior using Lisp and Soar. He has spent most of his

professional life in telecommunications research, specializing in

intelligent user interfaces and applied artificial intelligence

projects. From 1995 to 2004, he was also a part-time professor in the

Industrial Design department of the Technical University of Delft. Jans

is currently the CEO of Franz Inc., the leading supplier of commercial,

persistent, and scalable graph database products that provide the

storage layer for powerful reasoning and ontology modeling capabilities

for Semantic Web applications

Knowledge Organization: AllegroText: Text Mining with an RDF Graph Database

 Jalel Akaichi

Jalel Akaichi

Associate Professor

University of Tunis

Jalel Akaichi received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille (France) and then his Habilitation degree from the University of Tunis (Tunisia) where he is currently an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department.

Jalel Akaichi has published in international journals and conferences, and has served on the program committees of several international conferences and journals. He is currently the Chair of the Master’s of Science Program in Business Intelligence.

Jalel Akaichi visited and taught in many institutions such as the State University of New York, Worcester Polytechnic Insitute, INSA-Lyon, University of Blaise Pascal, University of Lille 1, etc.

Social Media & Big Data: Social Networks Users Behaviors Analysis at the Revolution

 Sergei  Ananyan

Sergei Ananyan


Megaputer Intelligence

Sergei Ananyan, Ph.D. is a cofounder and CEO for Megaputer Intelligence. Sergei had an active role in the design of mathematical algorithms and their practical implementation for numerous commercial, research and government organizations throughout the world. He is an author or articles on Business Intelligence in academic and trade publications and a speaker and panel chair at several major industry conferences. Sergei contributed a chapter on text mining to the book “Handbook on Decision Support Systems” published by Springer. His input was utilized in books “Decision Support Systems in the 21st Century” and “Modern Data Warehousing, Mining and Visualization” by Prentice Hall, and “Document Warehousing and Text Mining” by Wiley Computer Publishing.

Enterprise Applications: E-Discovery Through Text Mining: Fraud Detection

 Douglas  Anderson

Douglas Anderson

Knowledge Classification Specialist


Doug Anderson is a refugee from classical studies with over 30 years’ experience in medical publishing. Currently, he is a member of the medical taxonomy team at Elsevier and for the past year has been heavily involved in improving the acronym coverage of EMMeT, Elsevier’s Merged Medical Taxonomy. He previously spent many years as a medical lexicographer and has managed the publication of a variety of professional health care references, including the best-selling Dorland’s medical dictionaries and Jablonski’s Dictionary of Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations. He also directed the migration of dictionary content from a venerable card file to a modern content management system.

Knowledge Organization: Capturing Acronyms for a Medical Taxonomy

 Constance  Ard

Constance Ard

Senior Advisor

Arnold IT

Constance Ard serves as a Senior Advisor with Arnold IT and runs her own business as the Answer Maven. Constance is an Information Professional with over 15 years of experience and she holds a Masters in Information and Library Science.

Constance’s latest publication, Adding Value to Corporate Libraries and Information Services was released by the Ark Group in January 2012.

Industry Watch

 Steve Arnold

Steve Arnold

Mr. Arnold is a technology and financial analyst with more than 30 years of experience. Stephen has extensive operational and entrepreneurial experience, able to bridge the gap between new ideas and the financial implications of a technology.

Stephen is the author of six books and over 50 journal articles. In October 2004, CMSWatch.com published Stephen’s 450-page “The Enterprise Search Report.” This report profiles 27 enterprise search engines and includes management, budgeting, and technical information. He has published three technical monographs about Google: The Google Legacy (2005), Google Version 2.0 (2007), and Google: The Digital Gutenberg (2009). His most recent book, published by Pandia in Oslo, Norway, is “The New Landscape of Enterprise Search.”

Mr. Arnold’s Web log “Beyond Search” is a widely read collection of critical commentary and opinion about information systems and methods available at http://arnoldit.com/wordpress.

Industry Watch

 Ramin  Assa

Ramin Assa

Knowledge Management Manager

Booz Allen Hamilton

Ramin Assa has been delivering strategic Knowledge Management (KM) and Business Solutions to government, industry and non-profit organizations for over a decade. He focuses on people, processes, and technology while using behavioral science and innovative tools to maximize the return on investment. With a keen focus on organizational goals, Ramin has introduced Knowledge Ecosystems and Search strategies to advance the knowledge operations’ effectiveness and recognition of its value. He recently led the knowledge and thought leadership team at Booz Allen Hamilton, developing strategies and policies to better leverage the firm’s intellectual capital and to grow the KM capability offerings. He also led the change management, learning, community engagement and search relevancy activities to support building social networking platforms. The knowledge operations empowers decision making, improves efficiencies, enhances collaboration and delivers better results to clients.

Social Media / Benefits of Text Analytics: Data Visualization Design Using Shneiderman’s Mantra: Overview First, Zoom and Filter, Then Details-On-Demand

 Shamik  Bandopadhyay

Shamik Bandopadhyay

Senior Search/Community Web Engineer


Bio is forthcoming!

Enterprise Applications: Beehive: Semantic Search Optimization at Autodesk

 Byron Banks

Byron Banks

Vice President of Information Management


Gain Unprecedented Insight from Text Sources

 Martin  Baumgartel

Martin Baumgartel

Site Search Manager

Walt Disney

Martin Baumgartel studied mathematics at the Friedrich Schiller University. He has been involved in projects concerning mass-data retrieval problems during work at the German National Library Institute. From 1998 to 2007 he worked at Deutsche Telekom in positions as search product manager and Head of Knowledge Management, where he was responsible for enterprise search projects for Deutsche Telekom and its customers and, additionally, conducted extensive usability tests and studies. Subsequently, Martin helped Akamai Technologies launch their mobile product and introduced it to a variety of clients.

He is a frequent speaker at industry events about search, knowledge management and mobile issues. In 2011 he joined Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online to oversee search on sites in that division.

Enterprise Applications: Is Big Data Giving Us The Answer?

 Denise  Bedford

Denise Bedford

Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management, College of Communication and Information

Kent State University

Denise Bedford is currently the Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management at Kent State University. She teaches courses in economics of information, intellectual capital management, semantic analysis methods, communities of practice, and other knowledge management topics. Her current research interests include communities of practice, use of semantic analysis methods and technologies, multilingual architectures, business rules engineering, search architectures and governance models, intellectual capital and knowledge economies. She has earned degrees from University of California Berkeley (Ph.d.), University of Michigan (M.A., B.A.) and Western Michigan University (M.S.).

Social Media & Big Data: Semantic Analysis of the Political Discourse in the Presidential and Congressional Campaigns of 2012

 Bryan  Bell

Bryan Bell

Vice President of Global Marketing

Expert System

Bryan oversees all business development for Expert System in North America. He has extensive software industry experience including helping build organizations focused on desktop training, search, automated metadata extraction, taxonomy creation, text analytics, knowledge management and semantic technologies. Prior to his tenure at Expert System, he helped establish and build organizations including Teach.com, Autonomy, Smartlogic and Concept Searching.

Moderator: Social Media & Big Data
Expert Panel: Ask the Experts: SAS, Smart Logic, Expert System, Concept Searching

 Jeremy  Bentley

Jeremy Bentley



Jeremy Bentley is founder and CEO of Smartlogic. An engineer by training, he has spent his career in enterprise software, specifically with information management systems ranging from business process workflow, documents and records management, search and now Content Intelligence. Jeremy is a proven market maker and growth specialist.

Jeremy is an experienced business developer having successfully started companies, developed markets, merged and acquired companies, raised funds and provided successful investor exits.

Jeremy founded Smartlogic on the belief that organizations can outperform others if they fully utilize the huge business value contained in content. To realize this value, the software must understand content, be able to extract the information and knowledge, and but this information to work.

Social Media & Big Data: Content Intelligence – From What to Why Via Who, When and Where
Expert Panel: Ask the Experts: SAS, Smart Logic, Expert System, Concept Searching

 Meta Brown

Meta Brown

Independent Consultant


Meta Brown helps businesses use analytics to increase revenue and profit. A hands-on analyst who has tackled projects with up to $900 million at stake, she is a recognized expert in cutting-edge business analytics. She’ a frequent writer and speaker whose seminars have attracted thousands of business, government and academic professionals from across the US and Canada.

Social Media / Benefits of Text Analytics: Making Text Analytics Pay
Moderator: Enterprise Applications

 Joseph  Busch

Joseph Busch


Taxonomy Strategies

Mr. Busch is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Taxonomy Strategies. For the past 12 years Taxonomy Strategies has been guiding organizations such as Deloitte, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, etsy, Honeywell, MasterCard and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in developing frameworks that help improve information capture, preservation, search, retrieval, and governance. Before founding Taxonomy Strategies Joseph Busch held management positions at Interwoven, Metacode Technologies, the Getty Information Institute and PriceWaterhouse. He is a Past President of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, and is currently a member of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Executive Committee.

Knowledge Organization: Semantic Metadata’s Two Types of Vocabularies

 Kathleen  Dahlgren

Kathleen Dahlgren

Co-Founder and CTO

Cognition Technologies

Dr. Kathleen Dahlgren is Founder and CTO of Cognition Technologies. She has been a senior computational linguist at IBM, where she led the development of a natural language understanding system and is currently an adjunct professor of Linguistics at UCLA. She has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and a post-doctorate in Computer Science from UCLA. She has published a number of scholarly articles on the subjects of linguistics and computer science, and is author of the book Naive Semantics for Natural Language Understanding. She is the co-author of Cognition’s seminal patent (1998), and received the Small Business Innovation Award from the U.S. Army in 1995. Dr. Dahlgren is one of the designers of Cognition’s semantic engine and high-precision/high-recall search engine. She has led Cognition to expand into text analytics and sentiment analysis, and to broaden the semantic engine into the domains of biomedicine, law, finance, energy, entertainment, etc.

Expert Panel: Access Innovations, Cognition Technologies, Basis Technology, Saffron Technology

 Adam  De Oliveira

Adam De Oliveira

Product Manager


Bio is forthcoming!

Expert Panel: Ask the Experts: SAS, Smart Logic, Expert System, Concept Searching

 Anna  Divoli

Anna Divoli

Senior Software Researcher


Anna Divoli is a Senior Software Researcher in Pingar, where she makes sure that end users are happy with the outputs of text analytics solutions. Her research focuses on developing methodologies for acquiring knowledge from textual data and studying the effect of human factors in that process. Anna holds a PhD in Biomedical Text Mining from the University of Manchester and has carried out postdoctoral research in user search interfaces in the School of Information at the University of California at Berkeley and in knowledge acquisition in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago. Anna has authored eight journal articles and several conference and workshop papers, posters, and talks.

Knowledge Organization: Automatic Taxonomy Generation for a News Group

Dr. Andrew Fast

Dr. Andrew Fast

Chief Scientist

Elder Research, Inc.

Dr. Andrew Fast leads the research and development of advanced data mining algorithms at Elder Research, the nation’s leading data mining consultancy. ERI was founded in 1995 and has offices in Charlottesville VA and Washington DC,(www.datamininglab.com). ERI focuses on Federal, commercial, investment, and security applications of advanced analytics, including stock selection, image recognition, biometrics, process optimization, cross-selling, drug efficacy, credit scoring, risk management, and fraud detection.

Dr. Fast graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bethel University and earned Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. There, his research focused on causal data mining and mining complex relational data such as social networks. At ERI, Andrew leads the development of new tools and algorithms for data and text mining for applications of capabilities assessment, fraud detection, and national security.

Dr. Fast has published on an array of applications including detecting securities fraud using the social network among brokers, and understanding the structure of criminal and violent groups. Other publications cover modeling peer-to-peer music file sharing networks, understanding how collective classification works, and predicting playoff success of NFL head coaches (work featured on ESPN.com). With John Elder and other co-authors, Andrew has written a book on Practical Text Mining that was awarded the prose Award for Computing and Information Science in 2012.

Keynote: Beyond a Bag of Words
Moderator: Social Media/Benefits of Text Analytics

 Sue Feldman

Sue Feldman



Sue Feldman is CEO of Synthexis, a consulting firm that provides business advisory services to the search industry and to buyers of search and text analytics technologies. In her book, The Answer Machine (Morgan & Claypool, 2012), Sue discusses the technologies behind information seeking and analysis, and their central role in the future of computing. She speaks frequently at industry events on topics such as conversational systems, big data technologies, and the hidden costs of information work. She wrote the chapter on search engines for the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, and was the first editor of the IEEE Computer Society’s Digital Library News. Sue’s clients rely on her for strategic advice and business coaching, as well as for her wide network of contacts in the industry.

Before founding Synthexis, Sue was Vice President for Search and Discovery Technologies at IDC (International Data Corporation), where she directed research on the technologies and markets for search, text analytics, categorization, machine translation, mobile and rich media search. Prior to coming to IDC, Ms. Feldman was founder and president of Datasearch, an independent technology advisory firm, where she consulted on usability and on information retrieval technologies. She is a founder and former president of the Association of Independent Information Professionals, a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, and has won numerous research and writing awards.

Ms. Feldman holds degrees from Cornell University in linguistics and from the University of Michigan in information science.

Five Trends That Will Reshape the Computing Landscape

 Monica  Fulvio

Monica Fulvio

Senior Librarian, Content Architecture

Hanley Wood

Ms. Fulvio is the metadata expert of Hanley Wood. In addition to creating and managing taxonomies for over 30 digital brands, she strategizes on company-wide metadata-related issues, including image tagging, organization, and content reuse and ensures that new products have a solid, data-driven foundation for an increasingly online, data-driven marketplace. Prior to her work at Hanley Wood, she worked at the World Bank. There, she designed, constructed and maintained their thesaurus and profiles for programmatic metadata generation, including concept extraction, categorization, noun phrase extraction, and summarization rules.

She holds a Masters of Science in Library Science from the Catholic University of America and is the winner of Hanley Wood’s prestigious Red Point award (2011).

Knowledge Organization: From Print-First to Digital-Centric B2B Media with Automatic Categorization

 Steve Gustafson

Steve Gustafson

Manager, Knowledge Discovery Lab

GE Global Research

Dr. Gustafson leads the Knowledge Discovery Lab at the General Electric Global Research Center in Niskayuna, New York. The Knowledge Discovery Lab is focused on large-scale data, semantics, ontologies and text mining, and pattern search and discovery.

As a former member of the Machine Learning Lab and Computational Intelligence Lab, he develops and applies advanced AI and machine learning algorithms for complex problem solving.

He received his PhD in computer science from the University of Nottingham, UK, where he was a research fellow in the Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning Research Group. He received his BS and MS in computer science from Kansas State University, where he was a research assistant in the Knowledge Discovery in Databases Laboratory.

Dr. Gustafson is a member of several program committees, several journal editorial boards, and a Technical Editor-in-Chief of the journal Memetic Computing. In 2006, he received the IEEE Intelligent System’s “AI’s 10 to Watch” award.

Enterprise Applications: Industrial Knowledge Organization: Capturing and Leveraging Knowledge from Text

 Catherine  Havasi

Catherine Havasi

CEO & Co-founder


Dr. Catherine Havasi has been researching language and learning for nearly fifteen years. In addition to being CEO of Luminoso, she is a research scientist in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics at the MIT Media Lab. She co-founded the Open Mind Common Sense project, which uses information about the world to understand natural language text and make computers easier to use.

Social Media / Benefits of Text Analytics: Using Context for Deep Text Analytics

 Bruce Hedin

Bruce Hedin

Principal Scientist


Bruce Hedin is H5’s principal scientist. At H5, Dr. Hedin’s areas of focus have been process design, sampling, and metrics. Previously, Dr. Hedin worked at YY Technologies, a firm developing natural language processing software. His publications include “Domain Analysis and Representation” in The Handbook for Language Engineers (2003).

Knowledge Organization: Transparent Rule-Based Systems for Technology Assisted Review

 Carol  Hert

Carol Hert

Senior Consultant


Carol has over 25 years experience as an information professional with expertise in taxonomies, semantic modeling, business analysis, user experience and usability methodologies. Prior to joining Factor she was a Senior Consultant at Gary Carlson Consulting and SchemaLogic Inc. where she was responsible for post-sales customer engagements with a focus on data modeling, taxonomy development, management, and governance. She has also been an independent consultant specializing in metadata system research and design. In this context she developed XML metadata application profiles and taxonomies, and designed and executed a wide variety of research studies designed to inform metadata system design. She has also been on the faculties of both Indiana University and Syracuse University as an assistant professor of information science.

Social Media / Benefits of Text Analytics: Supporting Two-Way Customer Interaction with Synergistic Text Analytics and Taxonomy and Metadata Strategies

 Paul  Hofmann

Paul Hofmann


Space-Time Insight

Paul Hofmann is Chief Technology Officer at Saffron Technology. Before joining Saffron Paul was Vice President R&D at SAP Labs.

His background is entrenched in research as Senior Scientist and Assistant Professor at outstanding European and American Universities (Northwestern University, U.S., Munich Institute of Technology and Darmstadt Institute of Technology, Germany) and he is an expert in computer simulations and graphics (PhD, research and teaching in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory), authoring numerous publications and books.

Paul was visiting scientist at MIT, Cambridge in 2009.

Prior to joining SAP in 2001, Paul was Plant Manager at BASF’s Catalysts Global Business Unit.

Paul received his PhD in Physics at the Darmstadt Institute of Technology, Germany, after completing his bachelor in biotechnology and a master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Vienna.

Expert Panel: Access Innovations, Cognition Technologies, Basis Technology, Saffron Technology

 Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan

Head of Advanced Research and Development


Christopher Hogan is H5’s head of Advanced Research and Development. At H5, Mr. Hogan develops innovative natural language technologies to support and extend H5’s unique approach to document review and preservation services. He also leads H5’s data management group, responsible for ensuring quality and insight over data throughout the data lifecycle. Mr. Hogan has been involved in the fields of computational linguistics and natural language processing for over fifteen years and has worked in the areas of information retrieval, speech recognition, and machine translation. Recent publications include: “Automation of Legal Sensemaking in E-Discovery” in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law (2010) and “Privacy Classification Systems: Recall and Precision Optimization as Enabler of Trusted Information Sharing” in the AAAI Spring Symposium on Intelligent Information Privacy Management (2010). Mr. Hogan received a B.A. in mathematics and computer science from Pomona College and a M.S. in computational linguistics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Knowledge Organization: Transparent Rule-Based Systems for Technology Assisted Review

 Diana Joseph

Diana Joseph

Learning Strategist

Adobe Systems

Diana Joseph is Learning Strategist in Adobe’s Learning and Development group, where she partners with the customer advocacy, innovation and new employee hire teams to create effective learning experiences. She recently led a learning research team that used text analytics to zero in on the voice of the customer. Current interests include innovation, design thinking, visualization and leadership. She is pleased to represent Samartha Vashishtha and Frank Jennings at the Text Analytics World conference.

Social Media / Benefits of Text Analytics: Picture Perfect: Leveraging Text Analytics to Suggest Stock Art for Web & Print Content

  Michael  Kilgore

Michael Kilgore



Michael Kilgore has over 20 years experience as a consultant, senior executive, and technology architect in wireless communications, security information management, full text search, taxonomy tool development, and integrated information solutions.

One of the original developers of the technology behind the NewsEdge realtime news delivery system, he specializes in building high-performance development teams to create workable search and retrieval systems. Before joining InfoClear full time, Mike was VP of Engineering at Schemalogic, a major business semantics tool vendor.

Enterprise Applications: Beehive: Semantic Search Optimization at Autodesk

 John Kuranz

John Kuranz


Access Integrity, Inc.

Mr. Kuranz has over 35 years of experience in electronic publishing, thesaurus development and internet applications in research and content creation. He has held numerous positions in organizations that provide knowledge-based solutions to the information and publishing industry and developed internet-oriented database companies in the field of psychology, chemistry, pharmaceutical and healthcare delivery.

Mr. Kuranz has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biochemistry from Texas A&M/St. Mary’s University and did his MBA studies at Northern Illinois University.

Expert Panel: Access Innovations, Cognition Technologies, Basis Technology, Saffron Technology

 Don Miller

Don Miller

VP of Sales

Concept Searching

Don Miller is a senior executive at Concept Searching with over 20 years experience in knowledge management. He is a frequent speaker about Records Management and Information Architecture problems and solutions. Don has been a guest speaker at Taxonomy Bootcamp, Management Electronic Records and numerous SharePoint events about information organization and records management. Don works in the Life Science, Energy/Utility, Professional Services, Financial Services and Healthcare verticals but enjoys helping any company with an information or records management problem.

Expert Panel: Ask the Experts: SAS, Smart Logic, Expert System, Concept Searching

 Leslie Owens

Leslie Owens

Principal Analyst & Research Director

Forrester Research, Inc.

Leslie leads a team of analysts who provide research and advisory services on emerging technology, information strategy and architecture, data management, and content management. Leslie provides Forrester’s coverage of specific information management topics such as enterprise search, semantic tools, information classification, and taxonomies. She helps enterprises improve access to information through strategic application of technology and guidance on process.

Enterprise Applications: TBD

 Andrew  Paulsen

Andrew Paulsen

Director of Sales

Basis Technology

Andrew Paulsen heads up business development for Basis Technology for the US Western Region and Asia Pacific. He has been in the Text Analytics Industry for 12 years with a focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Basis Technology’s mission is to improve the process of extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured multilingual text by developing the industry’s best linguistics software. Founded in 1995, Basis Technology’s products and services have been used by over two hundred commercial software companies and are widely used in the U.S. defense and intelligence industry.

Andrew has managed both the technical and business relationships with companies that have licensed Basis Technology’s software. He has worked closely with customers such as Adobe, Autodesk, Bing, Cisco, EMC, Google, Hitachi, HP, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce.com, Symantec and Yahoo.

Expert Panel: Access Innovations, Cognition Technologies, Basis Technology, Saffron Technology

 Tom Reamy

Tom Reamy

Chief Knowledge Architect

KAPS Group

Tom Reamy is currently the Chief Knowledge Architect and founder of KAPS Group, a group of knowledge architecture, taxonomy, and text analytics consultants. Tom has 20 years of experience in information architecture, enterprise search, intranet management and consulting, education software, and text analytics consulting. Tom’s academic background includes a Master’s in the History of Ideas, research in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, and a strong background in philosophy, particularly epistemology. He has published articles in various journals and is a frequent speaker at knowledge management conferences. When not writing or developing KM projects, he can usually be found at the bottom of the ocean in Carmel taking photos of strange creatures.

Keynote: Full Spectrum Text Analytics: Integration of Text Mining & Text Analytics
Social Media & Big Data: How to Evaluate Text Analytics Software
Moderator: Knowledge Organization

 Hadley Reynolds

Hadley Reynolds

Principal Analyst

Next Era Research

Hadley Reynolds is Principal Analyst at Next Era Research. Hadley is a trusted researcher, thought leader, and advisor working with leading innovators on best practices for the management of unstructured information. He is a leading analyst of the search, content management, and knowledge management industries, researching, speaking, and writing on emerging trends in these technologies and their impact on business practice. In his 30-year career in the software industry, he has been Director, Search & Digital Marketplace Technologies at IDC, Vice President of the Centre for Search Innovation at FAST/Microsoft, and VP and Director of Research at industry analyst Delphi Group, where he led the firm’s coverage of the business impacts of search and other technologies for managing unstructured information. Prior to his work at Delphi, he held executive roles in product management, marketing, and strategy at Project Software & Development, Inc.

Social Media & Big Data: Sentiment Trend Intelligence: Getting Ready for the Future

 Samartha Vashishtha

Samartha Vashishtha

Content and Community Lead

Adobe Systems

Samartha Vashishtha works as a Content and Community Lead with Adobe Systems India, where he uses analytical techniques to optimize the delivery and impact of user-assistance content. He has an intense self-cultivated interest in text analytics, behavioral analytics, and semantic analytics. Beyond work, he is a creative writer with two published anthologies of poems to his credit.

Samartha has spoken previously at international conferences on topics such as Web communities, visual communication, and globalized communication.

Social Media / Benefits of Text Analytics: Picture Perfect: Leveraging Text Analytics to Suggest Stock Art for Web & Print Content

 Zach Wahl

Zach Wahl

President and Chief Executive Officer

Enterprise Knowledge

Zach has over 15 years of experience leading programs in the knowledge and information management space. He has worked with more than 200 public and private organizations to successfully design and implement information management systems, including content management, collaboration, social computing, search, taxonomy management, intranets and knowledge bases, and web.

Zach has developed his own taxonomy design methodology, has authored a series of courses on knowledge management, and is a frequent speaker and trainer on the subjects of information governance, web strategy, and taxonomy design. His experience includes projects for a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of Defense (DoD), and Department of Energy (DOE). He also has extensive experience in the private sector and internationally with institutions including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Nike, Marriott, Scottish Qualifications Authority, and UK Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Prior to founding Enterprise Knowledge, Zach worked at Project Performance Corporation, where he founded the Knowledge Management and Taxonomy Practices and later served as Vice President of Strategic Solutions for both the Public and Private Sectors. Zach has served on the board of the Washington DC Knowledge Management Institute and as the Chairman of the Institute for International Research (IIR) Enterprise Web, Portals, and Collaborative Technologies conference.

Social Media/Benefits of Text Analytics: Getting Started With Business Taxonomy – Unlocking the Keys to Successful Information Management

 Kurt Williams

Kurt Williams

Chief Product Officer


Kurt Williams co-founded InMoment (previously Mindshare) with CEO John Sperry in 2002. He brings more than 15 years of experience envisioning software products and bringing them to reality. He oversees technology and product development at InMoment.

Kurt is a software design innovator and Internet pioneer with more than fifteen years of experience in architecting solutions for technology start-ups. With extensive experience in enterprise-level software development, product design, information architecture, and user experience design, Kurt specializes in crafting solutions to complex business problems. In 2010, Kurt was the recipient of the CTO of the Year Award from the Utah Technology Council.

Social Media & Big Data: Next Gen Voice of the Customer Using Text Analytics

 Tom  Williams

Tom Williams

Director – Experience & Engineering, Autodesk Knowledge Network


As Director of Knowledge Platform Engineering, Tom Williams manages the delivery of learning and support-related information to Autodesk product users. His work focuses on bringing Autodesk customers information at the point of need is an extension of his passion for the web’s potential to provide people with rich and immediate access to knowledge on a truly massive scale. Tom brings a deep knowledge of Autodesk’s technology and business strategy to his work, having led the expansion of Autodesk’s global web services for 9 years as well as heading a platform product engineering team in the past. He has been at Autodesk since 1997 and holds a doctorate in Earth Sciences at Stanford.

Enterprise Applications: Beehive: Semantic Search Optimization at Autodesk

 Sunny  Yoon

Sunny Yoon



Sunny Yoon is a Taxonomy Manager at Autodesk where she builds taxonomies and ontologies that help users discover relevant, usable information. Her expertise in linguistics led her to work in semantic web-based search technologies where she discovered her passion for structured information. She has worked at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley building taxonomies that help to precisely define, easily integrate and effectively retrieve core data used across the firm. She has also worked as an academic librarian at making digital content accessible. Sunny holds an MA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley as well as an MLIS from Rutgers.

Enterprise Applications: Beehive: Semantic Search Optimization at Autodesk

 Cameron  Zadeh

Cameron Zadeh

Executive Director

Transomatic Corporation

Cameron Zadeh is the founder and executive director of Transomatic Corporation, a software solution provider specializing in development and implementation of transaction based analytical systems. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Ohio State School of Engineering.

Enterprise Applications: Enterprise Knowledge Management Via Text Search Analytics