Track 1 Track 1 Big Data / Social Media Track 1 Big Data / Social Media
 Track 2 Enterprise Text Analytics Track 2 Enterprise Text Analytics
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
7:30-8:30am Registration & Networking Breakfast • Room: Foothill G
8:30-8:35am Conference Chair Welcome RemarksRoom: Foothill G
Tom Reamy, Text Analytics World

Keynote • Room: Foothill G
Full Spectrum Text Analytics: Integration of Text Mining & Text Analytics
Tom Reamy, KAPS Group

9:15-9:30am Gold Sponsor Presentation • Room: Foothill G
Gain Unprecedented Insight from Text Sources
Byron Banks, SAP


9:30-10:00am Five Trends That Will Reshape the Computing LandscapeRoom: Foothill G
Sue Feldman,
10:00-10:30am Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break • Room: Atrium
Moderator: Bryan Bell, Expert System
Expert System
Room: Foothill G
Moderator: Meta Brown, LinguaSys
Room: Foothill E
10:30-11:15am Voice of the Customer Knowledge Management
Next Gen Voice of the Customer Using
Text Analytics
Voice of the Customer
Kurt Williams, Mindshare Technologies
Enterprise Knowledge Management Via Text
Search Analytics
Track 2 - Knowledge Management
Cameron Zadeh, Transomatic Corporation
11:20-12:05pm Content Intelligence – From What to Why Via Who, When and WhereVoice of the Customer
Jeremy Bentley, Smart Logic
Industrial Knowledge Organization: Capturing and Leveraging Knowledge from TextKnowledge Management
Steve Gustafson, GE Global Research

Lunch • Room: Atrium

1:00-1:45pm Text Analytics and Politics Search
Social Networks Users Behaviors Analysis at the RevolutionText Analytics and Politics
Jalel Akaichi, University of Tunis
Is Big Data Giving Us The Answer?Search
Martin Baumgartel, Walt Disney
1:50-2:35pm Semantic Analysis of the Political Discourse
in the Presidential and Congressional
Campaigns of 2012
Text Analytics and Politics
Denise Bedford, Kent State University
Beehive: Semantic Search Optimization
at Autodesk
Tom Williams, Autodesk
Shamik Bandopadhyay, Autodesk
Michael Kilgore, InfoClear
Sunny Yoon, Autodesk
2:35-3:00pm Exhibits & Afternoon Break • Room: Atrium
3:00-3:45pm Advanced Text Analytics Techniques New Applications
How to Evaluate Text Analytics Software Advanced Text Analytics Techniques
Tom Reamy, Text Analytics World
TBDNew Applications
Leslie Owens, Forrester Research, Inc.
3:50-4:35pm Sentiment Trend Intelligence: Getting Ready
for the Future
Advanced Text Analytics Techniques
Hadley Reynolds, NextEra Research
E-Discovery Through Text Mining: Fraud DetectionNew Applications
Sergei Ananyan, Megaputer Intelligence
4:40-5:40pm Expert PanelRoom: Foothill G
Ask the Experts: SAS, Smart Logic, Expert System, Concept Searching
Jeremy Bentley, Smartlogic
Bryan Bell, Expert System
Don Miller, Concept Searching
Adam De Oliveira, SAS
5:40-7:00pm Networking Reception • Room: Atrium

  Track 1 Social Media/Benefits of Text Analytics Track 1 Social Media/Benefits of Text Analytics
Track 2 Knowledge Organization Track 2 Knowledge Organization

Thursday, April 18, 2013
8:00-8:45am Registration & Networking Breakfast • Room: Atrium
8:45-8:50am Conference Chair Welcome RemarksRoom: Foothill G

Tom Reamy, Text Analytics World


Keynote • Room: Foothill G
Beyond a Bag of Words
Dr. Andrew Fast, Elder Research, Inc.

9:35-10:05am Industry Watch Room: Foothill G
Steve Arnold
Constance Ard, Arnold IT
10:05-10:40am Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break • Room: Atrium
Moderator: Andrew Fast, Elder Research, Inc.
Room: Foothill G
Moderator: Tom Reamy, Text Analytics World
Room: Foothill E
10:40-11:25am Text Analytics Applications Ontology-Based Applications
Picture Perfect: Leveraging Text Analytics to Suggest Stock Art for Web & Print ContentText Analytics Applications
Diana Joseph, Adobe Systems
AllegroText: Text Mining with an RDF
Graph Database
Ontology-Based Applications
Jans Aasman, Franz Inc.
11:30-12:15pm Conversations Auto-Categorization
Supporting Two-Way Customer Interaction with Synergistic Text Analytics and Taxonomy and
Metadata Strategies
Carol Hert, Factor
From Print-First to Digital-Centric B2B Media with Automatic CategorizationAuto-Categorization
Monica Fulvio, Hanley Wood

Lunch • Room: Atrium

1:15-2:00pm Using Context for Deep Text AnalyticsConversations
Catherine Havasi, Luminoso
Transparent Rule-Based Systems for Technology Assisted ReviewAuto-Categorization
Bruce Hedin, H5
Chris Hogan, H5
2:05-2:50pm Benefits of Text Analytics Taxonomy and Text Analytics
Making Text Analytics PayBenefits of Text Analytics
Meta Brown, Independent Consultant
Automatic Taxonomy Generation for a News GroupTaxonomy and Text Analytics
Anna Divoli, Pingar
Capturing Acronyms for a Medical Taxonomy Taxonomy and Text Analytics
Douglas Anderson, Elsevier
2:50-3:10pm Exhibits & Afternoon Break • Room: Atrium
3:10-3:55pm Getting Started With Business Taxonomy – Unlocking the Keys to Successful Information ManagementBenefits of Text Analytics
Zach Wahl, Project Performance Corporation
Semantic Metadata’s Two Types of Vocabularies Taxonomy and Text Analytics
Joseph Busch, Taxonomy Strategies
4:00-5:00pm Expert PanelRoom: Foothill G
Access Integrity, Cognition Technologies, Basis Technology, Saffron Technology
John Kuranz, Access Integrity, Inc.
Kathleen Dahlgren, Cognition Technologies
Andrew Paulsen, Basis Technology
Paul Hofmann, Saffron Technology
5:00-5:05pm Conference Chair Closing RemarksRoom: Foothill G

Tom Reamy, Text Analytics World


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