Dean Abbott 

Dean Abbott, President, Abbott Analytics

Dean Abbott is President of Abbott Analytics in San Diego, California. Mr. Abbott has over 21 years of experience applying advanced data mining, data preparation, and data visualization methods in real-world data intensive problems, including fraud detection, risk modeling, text mining, response modeling, survey analysis, planned giving, and predictive toxicology. In addition, Mr. Abbott serves as chief technology officer and mentor for start-up companies focused on applying advanced analytics in their consulting practices.

Mr. Abbott is a seasoned instructor, having taught a wide range of data mining tutorials and seminars for a decade to audiences of up to 400, including PAW, KDD, AAAI, IEEE and several data mining software users conferences. He is the instructor of well-regarded data mining courses, explaining concepts in language readily understood by a wide range of audiences, including analytics novices, data analysts, statisticians, and business professionals. Mr. Abbott also has taught applied data mining courses for major software vendors, including SPSS-IBM Modeler (formerly Clementine), Unica PredictiveInsight (formerly Affinium Model), Enterprise Miner (SAS), Model 1 (Group1 Software), and hands-on courses using Statistica (Statsoft), Tibco Spotfire Miner (formerly Insightful Miner), and CART (Salford Systems).

Case Study: Rules Rule: Inductive Business-Rule Discovery in Text Mining

Workshop: Advanced Methods Hands-on: Predictive Modeling Techniques

Kamaljit Anand 

Kamaljit Anand, Global Head of Client Delivery, KIE Square Consulting

Kamal Anand is Global Head of Client Delivery at KIE Square Consulting. In the last several years, he has served as an Analytics and Business Solutioning Expert across CPG, Retail and BFSI. He is also Statistical Advisor to Revenue and Enforcement departments of Multiple Economies. He has been a Visiting Professor in the area of Marketing and Data Analytics with several reputed management institutions across the globe. Kamal has been a panel speaker in few key conferences and has also authored articles in refereed journals and magazines. Prior to KIE Square, Kamal was Practice Head and Director of Marketing Optimization and Financial Services Practices at Fractal Analytics. He has worked closely with several Fortune 100 companies. Prior to Fractal, Kamal worked for Gallup Organization in the area of Customer Engagement and Market Research Analytics. Kamal holds a Doctorate from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, with focus on Quantitative Marketing.

Case Study: Text Mining in Advanced Government Compliance Set-ups

Gary Angel 

Gary Angel, President & CTO, Semphonic

Gary Angel is President and CTO at Semphonic. He co-founded Semphonic and continues to lead and develop our industry-leadering online measurement practice. Under his leadership, Semphonic has become the leading independent digital measurement consultancy. Since our founding, Gary has led the consulting teams for our largest enterprise clients. His ground-breaking work in hands-on web analytics includes the development of Functionalism (our public-domain methodology for tactical web analysis), pioneering work in the creation of SEM analytics as a discipline, and numerous methodological improvements to the field of web analytics and the study of online behavior.Gary’s background in CRM, survey analysis, database marketing and large-scale data mining and business-intelligence have helped keep Semphonic at the leading-edge of online measurement. He has spoken at countless conferences including the X Change Conference, SMX, AIM, EUCI, OMMA Global.

Case Study: Product Launch Analysis

John Bates 

John Bates, Product Manager, Predictive Marketing Solutions for Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite, Omniture

John Bates is the Product Manager for Predictive Marketing Solutions for the Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture® – a collection of web analytics and website optimization products that provide insight into the performance of online marketing initiatives, empowering organizations to make informed decisions, and ensure the success of online marketing programs. Prior to this position, he founded the Predictive Analytics Consulting practice for Adobe Consulting. As a consultant and manager over the Predictive Analytics Consulting Team, he consulted some of the world’s largest companies and brands using data and text mining techniques in order to drive greater website and digital marketing success. He has extensive experience in the areas of web analytics, digital optimization, A/B and MV testing, social and mobile channel optimization, marketing mix modeling, data/text mining, business intelligence, rule-based targeting, survey analysis, and econometrics.

Case Study: Predictive Social Marketing – Sentiment Forecasting and Impact on Success

Amir Biagi 

Amir Biagi, Associate Predictive Modeler, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America

Amir Biagi is an associate predictive modeler at Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, a mono-line workers’ compensation provider. Amir has over 10 years of experience in predictive modeling and data mining, including wholesale, retail, and mid-market banking. He has developed many models predicting a vast array of responses in originations, marketing, and overall behavioral back-end scoring. The majority of Amir’s experience is from the financial services industry, namely in credit risk, ranging from super sub-prime to super prime credit profiles. Currently, Amir is applying his skill-set in the insurance industry, providing predictive decision-ing tools to claims adjusters to aid in prioritization of workflow.

Case Study: Using Text Analytics to Accurately Segment Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Johan Bollen 

Johan Bollen, Associate Professor, School of Informatics and Computing, Center for Complex Networks and System Research, Indiana University

Johan Bollen is associate professor at the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing (2009-present). He was formerly a staff scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (2005-2009). His research takes place at the intersection between informatics, computer science, network science, social science, and informetrics. His present interests include the development of quantitative tools for the assessment of scholarly impact from usage data (MESUR project) and the study of social phenomena such as public mood states and social contagion from large-scale online networking environments.

Keynote: Modeling Collective Mood States Using Social Media Analytics

Susan Chiu 

Susan Chiu, Director of Customer Intelligence, Brocade

Susan Chiu is currently Director of Customer Intelligence at Brocade. She has over 19 years of research and analytics experience and has held positions in analytics, data mining, market research and business intelligence with Ingram Micro, Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo, Providian Bancorp, NBC Internet, and Safeway Corporation. Susan Chiu has a Masters degree in Statistics from Stanford University and is the co-author of the book Data Mining and Market Intelligence for Optimal Marketing Returns (Elsevier 2008).

Case Study: Discover & Monetize Customer Intelligence Gold Mines to Improve Sales Pipeline & Revenue

John Elder 

John Elder, CEO & Founder, Elder Research, Inc.

Dr. John Elder heads a data mining consulting team with offices in Charlottesville, Virginia and Washington DC. Founded in 1995, Elder Research, Inc. focuses on investment, commercial and security applications of advanced analytics, including text mining, forecasting, stock selection, image recognition, process optimization, cross-selling, biometrics, drug efficacy, credit scoring, market timing, and fraud detection.

John obtained a BS and MEE in Electrical Engineering from Rice University, and a PhD in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, where he’s an adjunct professor teaching Optimization or Data Mining. Prior to 15 years at ERI, he spent 5 years in aerospace defense consulting, 4 heading research at an investment management firm, and 2 in Rice University’s Computational & Applied Mathematics department. Dr. Elder has authored innovative data mining tools, is a frequent keynote speaker, and was co-chair of the 2009 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining conference, in Paris.

John’s courses on analysis techniques — taught at dozens of universities, companies, and government labs — are noted for their clarity and effectiveness. Dr. Elder was honored to serve for 5 years on a panel appointed by the President to guide technology for National Security. His book with Bob Nisbet and Gary Miner, Handbook of Statistical Analysis & Data Mining Applications, won the PROSE award for Mathematics in 2009. His book with Giovanni Seni, Ensemble Methods in Data Mining: Improving Accuracy through Combining Predictions was published in February 2010. John is a follower of Christ and the proud father of 5.

Keynote: Multiple Case Studies: Text Mining: Lessons Learned

Brent Farrell 

Brent Farrell, Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

Brent Farrell has many years of experience in software development and text analytics tools, techniques, and technologies. He has applied various advanced analytic tools and techniques to perform categorization and document clustering, and he currently manages the cyber advanced analytics capability at Booz Allen Hamilton. He currently develops software solutions designed to solve client problems utilizing entity extraction, document clustering, and document categorization.

Applying Text Analytics to Answer Quantitative Preparedness Questions

Andrew Fast 

Andrew Fast, Senior Scientist & Director of Research,
Elder Research, Inc.

Elder Research, Inc. Senior Scientist and Director of Research Dr. Andrew Fast earned Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where his research focused on advanced data mining topics including data mining in complex relational data such as social networks and causal data mining. At ERI, he leads the development of new tools and algorithms for data mining and text mining applications including capabilities assessment, attribution modeling for online advertising, fraud detection, and national security.

Dr. Fast is active in both industry and academia having published on an array of applications including detecting securities fraud using the social network among brokers and understanding the structure of criminal and violent groups. Other publications have covered modeling peer-to-peer music file sharing networks, understanding how collective classification works, and predicting playoff success of NFL head coaches. His work on NFL football coaches was featured in an ESPN article. Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Bethel College.

The Seven Different types of Text Mining and the Five Questions that Reveal the Right Approach

Workshop: Making Text Mining Work: Practical Methods and Solutions

Usama Fayyad, Ph.D. 

Usama Fayyad, Chairman & CTO of ChoozOn, Former Chief Data Officer, Yahoo!

Dr. Usama Fayyad is Chairman & CTO of ChoozOn Corporation, which helps consumers makes sense of the chaos of deals that are overwhelming them today online. Just as people use Facebook to manage their social network, and LinkedIn to get more from their professional network, they use ChoozOn to get the most from their consumer network. Prior to ChoozOn Fayyad founded Open Insights.

Up until September 2008, he was Yahoo!‘s Chief Data Officer and Executive Vice President of Research & Strategic Data Solutions. Fayyad was the industry’s first Chief Data Officer, responsible for Yahoo!’s global data strategy, architecting Yahoo!’s data policies and systems, prioritizing data investments, and managing the Company’s data analytics and data processing infrastructure which processed over 25 Terabytes of data per day.

Fayyad also founded and managed the Yahoo! Research organization with offices around the world and which became the premier scientific research organization to develop the new sciences of the Internet, on-line marketing, and innovative interactive applications.

For more information, visit Fayyad on LinkedIn.

Keynote: Text Analytics and Mining Big Data: From Sentiment Analysis to Understanding Consumer Intent

Expert Panel: Text Analytics Hits the Mainstream

Richard Foley 

Richard Foley, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager & Strategist, SAS Text Analyst

Richard Foley is a World Wide Product Manager and Strategist for Text Analytics, from SAS, the leader in Business Analytics. Richard is a firm believer in aligning analytics with corporate strategies. Foley served as President of the Web Analytics Association and is a Director Emeritus of the Web Analytics Association. He has been active in the Web Analytics community since 1996 where he worked on implementing information architecture, web analytics standards and KPI’s. Richard earned degrees in Mathematics from Carroll College and Applied Physics from Columbia University. He did his graduate work in Plasma Physics at University California, Davis Livermore Labs.

Expert Panel: Text Analytics Hits the Mainstream

Rishab Ghosh 

Rishab Ghosh, Co-Founder & Vice President of Research, Topsy Labs

Rishab Ghosh is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Research for Topsy Labs. Rishab started “First Monday”, the most widely read peer-reviewed journal of the Internet, in 1995 with Ed Valauskas, Esther Dyson and Vint Cerf. In 2000 he started the Collaborative Creativity Group at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, the leading research group on the economics of free/open source software, Wikipedia and other forms of collaborative innovation. Rishab has researched and published on how reputation works and motivates in online communities for over 12 years, collaborating with Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge & Tsinghua Universities, with grants from the US National Science Foundation and European Commission. Rishab is also a board member of the Open Source Initiative.

Case Study: Predicting Real-World Events and Sentiment via Social Media Analysis

Jesse Gross 

Jesse Gross, Vice President of Analytics, Semphonic

Jesse Gross is Vice President of Analytics at Semphonic. Gross specializes in advanced analytics, report creation, tool implementation and deep-dive analyses. He is a noted authority on Excel-based reporting for Web analytics and regularly conducts mentored training in the hands-on use of analytics tools and report development. Since joining Semphonic in 2006, Gross has led analytic and reporting initiatives for companies including Intuit, Charles Schwab, American Express, Kohler, Nokia, Turner and National Geographic. He’s spoken at the X Change Conference and on a variety of webinar panels. Prior to joining Semphonic, Gross was a Finance Department Analyst at Dovetail Contract Furniture Ltd. in London. Gross received a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Whitman College in Washington.

Scorecarding from Verbatims

Kathy Lange 

Kathy Lange, Senior Business Director, SAS Business Analytics Practice

Kathy Lange has more than 25 years of experience selling and implementing analytics solutions. The SAS Business Analytics practice helps customers define their business problems and craft strategies for solving those problems with integrated SAS solutions, including business intelligence, data integration and advanced analytics. Lange holds a BS in mathematics from the University of Delaware and an MS in operations research from Union College.

Premier Sponsor Presentation: Technology Strategies for Big Data Analytics

Chris Moody 

Chris Moody, President & COO, Gnip

Chris Moody currently serves as the President and COO of Gnip, the leading provider of social media data for enterprise applications. In this role, Moody is responsible for the day-to-day execution of Gnip’s operations with direct responsibility for sales, marketing, finance, and business development.

Prior to joining Gnip, Moody served as Founder and President of Aquent On Demand, a leading provider of technology solutions for creative and marketing organizations. Prior to his responsibilities with Aquent On Demand, Moody served as Aquent’s Chief Operating Officer with responsibility for the day-to-day management of more than 700 employees across 70 offices in 17 countries. Before joining Aquent, Moody served in senior management and technology consulting roles with IBM, Oracle, and EDS where he led engagements with more than 25 Fortune 500 companies.

Moody has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University.

Case Study: Exploring Social Data: Use Cases for Real-World Application


Tom Reamy, Chief Knowledge Architect, KAPS Group

Tom Reamy is currently the Chief Knowledge Architect and founder of KAPS Group, a group of knowledge architecture, taxonomy, and text analytics consultants. Tom has 20 years of experience in information architecture, enterprise search, intranet management and consulting, education software, and text analytics consulting. Tom’s academic background includes a Master’s in the History of Ideas, research in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, and a strong background in philosophy, particularly epistemology. He has published articles in various journals and is a frequent speaker at knowledge management conferences. When not writing or developing KM projects, he can usually be found at the bottom of the ocean in Carmel taking photos of strange creatures.

Case Study: Text Analytics Software: Selecting the Right Fit

Steven Reeves 

Steven Reeves, Predictive Analytics Solutions Architect, Text Analytics Overlay within the IBM-SPSS North American IOT Group

Steven D. Reeves is a Predictive Analytics Solutions Architect – Text Analytics Overlay within the IBM-SPSS North American IOT Group. He has worked in the IT industry for the past 26 years, in both the Federal and Commercial sectors. Before joining IBM, he served in complex technical roles with SAP, Business Objects, Informix Software, Planning Research Corporation, and EDS. Steven has a wide breadth of experience in the Text Analytics/Natural Language Processing (NLP) field. In the late nineties,

Steven was one of the key members of an independent software vendor specializing in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Analytics solutions – Inxight Federal Systems Group, a roll out of Xerox PARC. Steven is a 1985 graduate of Milligan College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Business.

Expert Panel: Text Analytics Hits the Mainstream

Premier Sponsor Presentation: The Value of Text Analytics

Sponsored Lab: Text and Predictive Analytics: The Science behind the Success

Randy Saaf 

Randy Saaf, CEO, AlphaGenius

Randy Saaf founded MediaDefender in Summer of 2000 during the heyday of Napster. Built MediaDefender to the largest online anti-piracy software company in the world. Sold MediaDefender in 2005. Was CEO of MediaDefender from 2000-2008.Co-founded Jirbo, Inc in 2008. Jirbo was one the first iPhone gaming companies and has some of the most downloaded iPhone games in the world. Jirbo was sold to Insight Venture Partners in 2010. Still maintain an equity interest in Jirbo.

Currently CEO of AlphaGenius, Inc. AlphaGenius was founded in 2010. AlphaGenius takes data on social networks and runs econometrics to produce trading models for the hedge fund industry.

Case Study: Behaviorals: Using Twitter & the Social Internet to Obtain Above Market Returns

Kumar Subramanyam 

Kumar Subramanyam, Senior Solutions Architect, Hewlett-Packard

Kumar Subramanyam is a Sr. Solutions Architect within HP’s Global Customer Intelligence team in Corporate Marketing. He manages the overall strategy and solution engineering of HP’s consumer and enterprise analytics platforms. His areas of expertise include high volume relationship centric data mining and behavioral clustering using unstructured data.

Case Study: Developing Predictive Analytic Solutions Using Social Personas Derived from Social Media