Tom  Anderson

Tom Anderson


Anderson Analytics

Tom H. C. Anderson founded Anderson Analytics in 2005 as the first full service online market research firm to leverage data and text mining with other online research techniques. The firm’s patent pending text analytics platform is called OdinText. Since founding the company Tom and his team have won several awards for their innovative methodologies and groundbreaking work.

Appointed the “Uncrowned Father of Web 3.0 Marketing Research” by Research Business Report in 2009, Tom has a passion for understanding how to best leverage social media to understand consumer behavior while at the same time adhering to traditional research best practices.

Because of Anderson Analytics’ text mining capabilities, the firm was also among the first to conduct social media and social network analysis. Anderson Analytics remains the only market research firm to have analyzed actual behavioral data from a major social network (on behalf of

Tom practices what his company preaches and his blog ( is the top personal blog dedicated to market research in terms of both overall traffic and unique monthly visitors..

He holds an MA in Economics from Lund University, Sweden and an MBA from the University of Connecticut where he is a frequent guest speaker in graduate level marketing research and data-mining courses.

 Eoin Beirne

Eoin Beirne

Executive Managing Director


Eoin Beirne leads H5’s operations and technology groups, managing the design, development and deployment of H5’s technology systems to enable clients to derive meaningful organization of voluminous data collections. He has extensive experience in investigative, technology, and litigation consulting, specializing in complex data management and analysis and the application of technology to large-scale information management matters.

Predictive Coding in E-Discovery

 Bryan  Bell

Bryan Bell

Vice President of Global Marketing

Expert System

Bryan oversees all business development for Expert System in North America. He has extensive software industry experience including helping build organizations focused on desktop training, search, automated metadata extraction, taxonomy creation, text analytics, knowledge management and semantic technologies. Prior to his tenure at Expert System, he helped establish and build organizations including, Autonomy, Smartlogic and Concept Searching.

Semantics and the Social Media

 Sarah Ann Berndt

Sarah Ann Berndt

Sr. Associate Forensic Technology Solutions

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Sarah Berndt has over 15 years of experience developing programs in both the Information Governance and Knowledge Management space. From a strategic prospective, Sarah’s activities have included developing data models, taxonomies, and ontologies for use in multiple tools and information environments. Specific client centered work has facilitated a tacit focus on platform utilization to enhance the user experience while improving workforce productivity.

With a background in both the academic and research library settings, Sarah’s work at both NASA Johnson Space Center and PricewaterhouseCoopers has facilitated the opportunities to pursue concentric lines of service in developing a deep understanding of the multiple variables that affect accuracy, feasibility and sustainability.

Social Semantics for an Effective Enterprise

 Gerard  Britton

Gerard Britton

Managing Director

DOAR Litigation Consulting LLC

Gerard Britton, an experienced litigator and prosecutor, has an extensive background managing large ediscovery and pre-litigation investigation engagements. In addition, he has developed bespoke strategic analytics solutions and processes that better identify case evidence and cost-effectively overcome litigation-related challenges. Mr. Britton also advises on the uses of analytics in investigations and ediscovery and partners with clients to develop methodologies to reduce costs while ensuring defensible processes in discovery.

Predictive Coding in E-Discovery

 Meta Brown

Meta Brown

Independent Consultant


Meta Brown helps businesses use analytics to increase revenue and profit. A hands-on analyst who has tackled projects with up to $900 million at stake, she is a recognized expert in cutting-edge business analytics. She’ a frequent writer and speaker whose seminars have attracted thousands of business, government and academic professionals from across the US and Canada.

Crossing the Language Chasm: Extracting Information from Foreign-Language Text

 Shannon  Capone Kirk. Esq.

Shannon Capone Kirk. Esq.

E-Discovery Counsel

Ropes & Gray LLP

Shannon Capone Kirk is E-Discovery Counsel at Ropes & Gray where she focuses exclusively on electronic discovery law. Shannon is a contributing author on two books on E-Discovery and has published numerous articles on the topic in publications such as: Law Technology News, Corporate Legal Times, National Law Journal, Sue Magazine. Shannon also conducts CLE courses for attorneys and routinely speaks on E-Discovery. Shannon is a member of Suffolk Law School’s faculty, teaching E-Discovery law. Shannon is a Sedona Conference Working Group Member of Electronic Document Retention and Production.

Predictive Coding in E-Discovery

 Anna  Divoli

Anna Divoli

Senior Software Researcher


Anna Divoli is a Senior Software Researcher in Pingar, where she makes sure that end users are happy with the outputs of text analytics solutions. Her research focuses on developing methodologies for acquiring knowledge from textual data and studying the effect of human factors in that process. Anna holds a PhD in Biomedical Text Mining from the University of Manchester and has carried out postdoctoral research in user search interfaces in the School of Information at the University of California at Berkeley and in knowledge acquisition in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago. Anna has authored eight journal articles and several conference and workshop papers, posters, and talks.

How taxonomies and facets bring end-users closer to big data

 Edee  Edwards

Edee Edwards

Taxonomy Development Manager

Silverchair Information Systems

Edee Edwards, Taxonomy Development Manager with Silverchair Information Systems, has patiently explained the word taxonomy in her job title for 5 years, and has presented at Taxonomy Boot Camp, Internet Librarian, and Computers in Libraries. She joined Silverchair the day of their launch of their new semantic platform, after having had a brief foray into master data management and plenty of corporate taxonomy management politics in the portal era. She has an MSLS from Columbia University.

Taxonomy Terminology Traceability and Text Analytics

 Heather  Edwards

Heather Edwards

Taxonomy Developer


Heather L. Edwards is a Taxonomy Developer at the Associated Press, the global news network founded in 1846 that reaches more than half the world’s population every day. Heather manages subject taxonomies and classification rules for automated classification of news content. Prior to joining the AP, she worked on news classification for Inform Technologies and an internal taxonomy for the News Research Center at ABC News. Heather currently serves as secretary of the SLA Taxonomy Division. She is the Executive Vice President of the Nasser Sharify Foundation. Heather holds a BA from Tufts University and an MS in Library and Information Science from the Pratt Institute.

Case Study – Text Analytics in its Automated Classification Process

Dr. John Elder

Dr. John Elder

CEO & Founder

Elder Research, Inc.


John Elder leads America’s largest and most experienced data mining consultancy. Founded in 1995, Elder Research has offices in Charlottesville Virginia, Washington DC, and Baltimore Maryland, and has solved projects in a huge variety of areas by mining data in tables, text, and links. Dr. Elder co-authored 3 books (on practical data mining, ensembles, and text mining), two of which won “book of the year” awards in Mathematics or Computer Science. John has created data mining tools, was a discoverer of ensemble methods, chairs international conferences, and is a popular keynote speaker. Dr. Elder earned Engineering degrees from Rice and UVA and is an Adjunct Professor of Systems Engineering at UVA. He was honored to be named by President Bush to serve 5 years on a panel to guide technology for national security. John is grateful to be a follower of Christ and the father of five.

Beyond Bag of Words: Taking Statistical Text Mining to the Next Level

 Brent  Farrell

Brent Farrell

Senior Consultant

Booz Allen Hamilton

Brent Farrell has many years of experience in software development and text analytics tools, techniques, and technologies. He has applied various advanced analytic tools and techniques to perform categorization and document clustering, and he currently manages the cyber advanced analytics capability at Booz Allen Hamilton. He currently develops software solutions designed to solve client problems utilizing entity extraction, document clustering, and document categorization.

Dr. Andrew Fast

Dr. Andrew Fast

Chief Scientist

Elder Research, Inc.

Dr. Andrew Fast leads the research and development of advanced data mining algorithms at Elder Research, the nation’s leading data mining consultancy. ERI was founded in 1995 and has offices in Charlottesville VA and Washington DC,( ERI focuses on Federal, commercial, investment, and security applications of advanced analytics, including stock selection, image recognition, biometrics, process optimization, cross-selling, drug efficacy, credit scoring, risk management, and fraud detection.

Dr. Fast graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bethel University and earned Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. There, his research focused on causal data mining and mining complex relational data such as social networks. At ERI, Andrew leads the development of new tools and algorithms for data and text mining for applications of capabilities assessment, fraud detection, and national security.

Dr. Fast has published on an array of applications including detecting securities fraud using the social network among brokers, and understanding the structure of criminal and violent groups. Other publications cover modeling peer-to-peer music file sharing networks, understanding how collective classification works, and predicting playoff success of NFL head coaches (work featured on With John Elder and other co-authors, Andrew has written a book on Practical Text Mining that was awarded the prose Award for Computing and Information Science in 2012.

Beyond Bag of Words: Taking Statistical Text Mining to the Next Level

Workshop: Making Text Mining Work: Practical Methods and Solutions

 Sue Feldman

Sue Feldman


Sue Feldman is CEO of Synthexis, a consulting firm that provides business advisory services to the search industry and to buyers of search and text analytics technologies. In her book, The Answer Machine (Morgan & Claypool, 2012), Sue discusses the technologies behind information seeking and analysis, and their central role in the future of computing. She speaks frequently at industry events on topics such as conversational systems, big data technologies, and the hidden costs of information work. She wrote the chapter on search engines for the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, and was the first editor of the IEEE Computer Society’s Digital Library News. Sue’s clients rely on her for strategic advice and business coaching, as well as for her wide network of contacts in the industry.

Before founding Synthexis, Sue was Vice President for Search and Discovery Technologies at IDC (International Data Corporation), where she directed research on the technologies and markets for search, text analytics, categorization, machine translation, mobile and rich media search. Prior to coming to IDC, Ms. Feldman was founder and president of Datasearch, an independent technology advisory firm, where she consulted on usability and on information retrieval technologies. She is a founder and former president of the Association of Independent Information Professionals, a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, and has won numerous research and writing awards.

Ms. Feldman holds degrees from Cornell University in linguistics and from the University of Michigan in information science.

Keynote: Unified Access to Enterprise Information

 Jeff Fried

Jeff Fried

CTO and VP Engineering

BA Insight


Jeff Fried is focused on strategic applications of search technology. He came to BA Insight from Microsoft where he served as technical product manager for all Microsoft enterprise search products. Fried is a frequent speaker and writer in the industry, holds 15 patents and has authored more than 50 technical papers, and has led the creation of pioneering offerings in next generation search engines, networks, and contact centers. He is a co-author of two new books: Professional SharePoint 2010 Development and Professional Microsoft Search.

Superior Search: How Text Analytics Improves Search, and the Resulting Applications

 Jarrod Gingras

Jarrod Gingras

Director, Advisory Services

Real Story Group

Bio is forthcoming!

Selecting the Right Social Media Monitoring Tools

 Shantanu  Godbole

Shantanu Godbole

Analytics Architect – IBM GPS

Senior Researcher – IBM Research

Shantanu Godbole works as an Analytics Architect in IBM GPS where he is on assignment from IBM Research. He works with the research, services, and software teams at IBM to help assetize exploratory research projects, turning them into reusable analytics service offerings. His focus areas are text analytics, predictive analytics, and social network analytics and he is especially interested in seeing how they work together.
Shantanu got a Ph.D. in data mining and text mining from IIT Bombay in 2006 and has been with IBM Research since then. He regularly patents and publishes papers in research conferences in the areas of data mining and machine learning.

Contextually Augmented Predictive Models for Call Center Next Best Action

 Heather  Hedden

Heather Hedden

Taxonomy Consultant

Hedden Information Management

Heather Hedden is a taxonomy consultant a through her business Hedden Information Management (, helping varied clients develop faceted and hierarchical taxonomies and metadata strategies for web or internal content/document management to support browsing and searching. She also teaches online continuing education workshops in taxonomy creation through Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science and gives conference and customized workshops on taxonomies. Heather previously worked as a taxonomist at Project Performance Corporation, First Wind, Viziant Corporation, and Thomson/Gale. She is the mentoring chair of the mentoring committee of the Taxonomy Division of SLA and the founder and past manager of the Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing. Heather is the author numerous trade journal articles and the book, The Accidental Taxonomist (Information Today Inc., 2010).

Taxonomies for Text Analytics and Auto-Indexing

 Jessica  Hogan

Jessica Hogan

Senior Manager, Consumer Insights and Strategy

J.D. Power and Associates

She is responsible for conducting in-depth consumer research, analysis and reporting from qualitative and quantitative data extracted from social media resources. Her analyses cover businesses in the auto, insurance, utilities, government and finance sectors. Her recent white paper, “Social Media Research in the New Norm” is the first in a planned series of papers on the importance of social intelligence as customers become integral to future success.

Prior to joining J.D. Power and Associates in 2009, Mrs. Hogan worked as an Account Planner in the advertising industry, where she managed various teams in delivering strategic marketing and organizational plans and producing innovative work for major clients in the beverage, telecommunications and hospitality industries.

Mrs. Hogan earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from the University of North Texas.

Social Media Research Integration is the New Norm

 Evelyn Kent

Evelyn Kent

Product Manager

MCT SmartContent

Evelyn Kent is the product manager for MCT SmartContent, where she oversees the development and integration of a general-language ontology that classifies news stories from more than 600 news outlets. She spends much of her time walking in circles muttering about how reporters use the same language to describe everything while trying to disambiguate their descriptions in stories. She has 15 years of experience as a newspaperman and believes that helping to make information accessible through better search tools is an evolutionary step in the journalist’s mandate. McClatchy-Tribune Information Services collects content from news websites from around the world and enhances, categorizes, and redistributes it to the information marketplace.

Classifying content using context-based language

Dr. Seungwoo  Lee

Dr. Seungwoo Lee

Senior Researcher

Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

Seungwoo Lee works as a senior researcher at Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), Korea. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from POSTECH, Korea in 1999 and 2005. Previously, He studied and developed an information retrieval engine and a named entity recognizer based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. And recently he has researched and developed Semantic Web-related tools such as a triple store, an inference engine named OntoReasoner, and a SPARQL processor. He has participated in many Semantic Web-related projects and published as W3C use cases. His current research interest is technology intelligence and discovery of technology opportunities based on Text Mining and Semantic Web technologies.

User-Adaptive and Guiding R&D Planning System Empowered by Text Mining

 Alyona Medelyan

Alyona Medelyan

Research & Development


Alyona Medelyan holds a Master’s degree from the University of Freiburg and a PhD from the University of Waikato, which both focused on Natural Language Processing. During her PhD Medelyan developed an open-source tool Maui (Multi-purpose automatic topic indexing) that performs as well as professional librarians in identifying document’s main topics. Maui is now used by companies and organizations around the world. Alyona has always been passionate about practical applications of her research, which lead to internships at Google New York and Exorbyte Germany. She joined Pingar two years ago and now leads the research and development of API-based products that include semantic and faceted search, query analysis, text summarization, keyword extraction, entity and entity relations extraction.

Text Analytics on Two Million Documents: A Case Study

 Spencer Morris

Spencer Morris

Vice President Text Analytics and Lead Experience Engineer


Spencer Morris has 15 years of operational, analytical, and leadership experience. He directs the innovation and implementation of InMoment’s industry-leading text analytics program. In his four years with Mindshare, Spencer has developed textual analyzers for more than twenty industry verticals and mapped products and analyses for some of the world’s biggest brands. Spencer trains and consults on text analytics with dozens of enterprise companies annually. He is an accomplished speaker and presenter and has also presented various topics at text analytics conferences nationwide.

Outside the office, Spencer embraces his roles as a high school football coach, a husband, and a father of five children—three of which are triplets. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Utah and received his MBA with an emphasis in technology management from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Next Generation Customer Surveys with Text Analytics

 Rena Morse

Rena Morse

Director of Semantics

Silverchair Information Systems

Rena Morse is Director of Semantics at Silverchair Information Systems, where she is responsible for semantic product management and taxonomy development for the SCM6 publishing platform. During her tenure at Silverchair, she has co-architected the automated semantic tagging system underpinning SCM6 and managed projects to develop and implement usable taxonomies, thesauri, and metadata services for Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) clients. Rena has over ten years’ experience in STM publishing and has an academic background in English and historical linguistics.

Taxonomy Terminology Traceability and Text Analytics

 Scott Oliveira

Scott Oliveira

Software Developer

Booz Allen Hamilton

Scott Oliveira is a software developer at Booz Allen Hamilton who works on creating and integrating various text analytics tools, techniques, and technologies. He develops software solutions designed to solve specific client problems utilizing entity extraction, document clustering, document categorization, and advanced visualization technologies. His solutions have been utilized by numerous government and commercial entities for fraud detection, threat analysis, and records management. Booz Allen Hamilton offers a wide variety of analytics solutions to both government and commercial entities.

Automated Social Media Theme Extraction

 Kurt  Pflughoeft

Kurt Pflughoeft

Director, Marketing Science

Maritz Research

Dr. Pflughoeft provides basic R&D support for new product development and Voice of the Customer Integration efforts. His current work focuses on integrating consumer-generated media with customer satisfaction surveys. Kurt has extensive experience in statistics, data mining, multivariate visualization and Information Systems. He has presented at numerous conferences and published in a variety of journals.

Kurt’s prior experience includes positions as Senior Vice President/CIO at Market Probe and professorships at the University of Texas at El Paso and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Kurt is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

Kurt earned his M.S. in Management Information Systems and his Ph.D. in Management Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He continues teaching and researching with his colleagues at his alma mater.

Beyond the Basic Approach: Implementing Text Analytics Solutions for Enterprise Voice of the Customer Programs

 Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro



Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Ph.D. is one of the founders of KDD / Data Mining field, a co-founder of KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) Conferences, and a past Chair of SIGKDD. Gregory is a recognized expert in Analytics and Data Mining, and the Editor of KDnuggets, the leading independent site on Analytics and Data Mining, and a top online influencers in Big Data and Data Science.

Big Data and Big Analytics Trends: The Promise and the Hype

 Tom Reamy

Tom Reamy

Chief Knowledge Architect

KAPS Group

Tom Reamy is currently the Chief Knowledge Architect and founder of KAPS Group, a group of knowledge architecture, taxonomy, and text analytics consultants. Tom has 20 years of experience in information architecture, enterprise search, intranet management and consulting, education software, and text analytics consulting. Tom’s academic background includes a Master’s in the History of Ideas, research in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, and a strong background in philosophy, particularly epistemology. He has published articles in various journals and is a frequent speaker at knowledge management conferences. When not writing or developing KM projects, he can usually be found at the bottom of the ocean in Carmel taking photos of strange creatures.

Keynote: Future Directions in Text Analytics

 Hadley Reynolds

Hadley Reynolds

Principal Analyst

Next Era Research

Hadley Reynolds is Principal Analyst at Next Era Research. Hadley is a trusted researcher, thought leader, and advisor working with leading innovators on best practices for the management of unstructured information. He is a leading analyst of the search, content management, and knowledge management industries, researching, speaking, and writing on emerging trends in these technologies and their impact on business practice. In his 30-year career in the software industry, he has been Director, Search & Digital Marketplace Technologies at IDC, Vice President of the Centre for Search Innovation at FAST/Microsoft, and VP and Director of Research at industry analyst Delphi Group, where he led the firm’s coverage of the business impacts of search and other technologies for managing unstructured information. Prior to his work at Delphi, he held executive roles in product management, marketing, and strategy at Project Software & Development, Inc.

Beyond Sentiment Hype: Using Conversation Context for Accurate Discovery

 Mark Riddell

Mark Riddell

Vice President

The Marrell Group, LLC

Mark Riddell is the founder and President of The Marrell Group (TMG), a fifteen year-old management consulting network in The Woodlands, TX. TMG designs customized solutions for clients and manages consulting and content development projects using its professional network. Mr. Riddell began his business career in engineering and technical management in oil and gas exploration and production; and then continued in management and business development in the healthcare industry. He has authored several journal articles and presented strategic business solutions at national conferences. His research and business interests in KM are centered on finding and implementing solutions that improve the expert knowledge acquisition process, and the utility of knowledge assets in individual decision-making. He holds a Master of Science degree in technical communication. He can be contacted at

The Semantic Value of Textual Domain Representations

Dr.  Herb  Roitblat

Dr. Herb Roitblat



Dr. Herb Roitblat, a co-founder of OrcaTec and a former professor at the University of Hawaii, is widely recognized as an expert in search and retrieval technology. He is particularly well-known in the area of electronic discovery, including predictive coding and technology-assisted review. Dr. Roitblat holds two patents and has additional patents pending on concept search technology, which is now used extensively in eDiscovery. He is a member of several distinguished boards and educational groups in the legal space, including the Advisory Board of the Georgetown Legal Center Advanced eDiscovery Institute, the Board of Governors of the Organization of Legal Professionals, and the Electronic Discovery Institute, of which he is a co-founder.

Predictive Coding in E-Discovery

 Brion  Scheidel

Brion Scheidel

Director, Text Analytics

Maritz Research

As a Director of Strategic Consulting for Maritz Research, Brion is the Text Analytics Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Text Analytics Group, Maritz Research’s center of expertise for Text Analytics. In his role as SME, Brion provides the technical expertise to implement and support all aspects of Text Analytics, including text acquisition, methods, analysis, and processes. Brion has substantial experience in all areas of text analytics, including natural language processing (NLP), software design and development, data extraction/transformation/loading (ETL), web content harvesting, and analysis of text extraction results.

Prior to joining Maritz, Brion was a Senior Technical Consultant at ClearForest Corporation, a previous provider of Text Analytics software to Maritz Research. At ClearForest, he developed text extraction modules and provided consulting, training, and support to customers, as well as led the development and deployment of solutions. Brion’s deep technical grounding traces back to over 20 years of software architecture and engineering positions with various companies including Compuware Covisint and Ford Motor Company.

Brion holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Science from the University of Michigan. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. He is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Beyond the Basic Approach: Implementing Text Analytics Solutions for Enterprise Voice of the Customer Programs

 Charles Scherbaum, Ph.D.

Charles Scherbaum, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Analytics

Critical Metrics

Dr. Charles A. Scherbaum is an associate professor of psychology at Baruch College in the City University of New York and the Director of Research and Analytics for Critical Metrics. Charles is an expert in analytics, employee research, employee assessment, and staffing. He has consulted with numerous global and Fortune 1000 firms on issues of analytics and employee research. Publications of his research have appeared in top journals including Personnel Psychology, Organizational Research Methods, Journal of Business and Psychology, and Leadership Quarterly. Charles was one of the winners of the 2011 M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He regularly speaks on issues of analytics and human capital across the globe and he teaches on these topics in the U.S., Singapore, and Taiwan. Charles received his Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from Ohio University.

Harnessing the power of text analytics to drive human capital

 Rosaria  Silipo

Rosaria Silipo

Data Mining Consultant


Dr. Rosaria Silipo holds a master degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florence (Italy, 1992) and a doctorate title in bioengineering from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy, 1996). The doctorate work dealt with statistical and machine learning algorithms for the automatic analysis of the electrocardiographic signal and was developed at the University of Florence (Italy) in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).

She has been awarded with two postdoctoral fellowships: one at Siemens (Munich, Germany, 1996-1997) and one at ICSI at the University of Berkeley (USA, 1997-2000) for the automatic analysis of biomedical signals and speech.

In 2000 she moved to the corporate environment as a research engineer at Nuance (Menlo Park, USA, 2000-2002); as a senior developer at Spoken Translation (Berkeley, USA, 2002-2007); and as a SAS development group manager at Viseca (Zurich, Switzerland, 2007-2009).
Strong of the extensive experience acquired over the past years in applying data mining algorithms to industrial products, in 2009 she became a data mining consultant, helping companies to organize, clean, and finally make sense out of their data. Recently, she has become interested in text mining projects.
Rosaria Silipo is the author of more than 50 scientific publications and of 3 books for data analysis practitioners.

 Antonio  Valderrabanos

Antonio Valderrabanos


Bitext – The Bits and Text Company

Long experience on how to use semantics to solve business problems, particularly in the areas of Text Analytics and Semantic Search. I started working for large R&D labs, at IBM and Novell. Then, we founded Bitext Consulting as a company focused on helping companies take advantage of linguistic technology. During these years, we developed a general purpose Platform for Deep Linguistic Analysis, for fun mostly. Based on this Platform, we transformed Bitext Consulting into a product company, Bitext Innovations. Bitext is a startup specialized in developing the most accurate OEM multilingual semantic analysis engines in the market. PhD in Computational Linguistics and fluent speaker of Spanish, English, Italian, and a bit of French.

Using Natural Language Processing to Take the Pulse of the Spanish Telecoms Market

 David  Youssefnia, Ph.D.

David Youssefnia, Ph.D.

President and Founder

Critical Metrics

David works with companies to help them create insights about employees, customers and business success through the application of organizational research techniques, measurement and analysis.

Having started his career in the survey world has allowed David to work with a wide variety of organizations in a number of industry sectors, including financial services, consulting, information technology, retail, healthcare, automotive and telecommunications. Prior to founding Critical Metrics, David was as a senior consultant for a global HR consulting firm.

David has spoken and presented his research at international conferences and is also an active faculty member of Baruch College’s International Executive MS Program in Management of HR and Global Leadership. David received his B.A. in Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the City University of New York.

Harnessing the power of text analytics to drive human capital