<a href="http://www.predictiveanalyticsworld.com/" rel="noopener" target="_blank" style="color:white !important; font-size:18px;">Although there are no TAW events scheduled at this time, upcoming Predictive Analytics World events include sessions on text analytics.</a>

Do you want to capture business value from unstructured text data?

Text Analytics World is where leaders in the field gather. Join us for practical solutions, new approaches, and the most interesting applications of text analytics. TAW speakers deliver the latest methods and techniques. With valuable networking opportunities, you’ll share strategies and tips with fellow attendees.

Text Analytics World is the full-spectrum conference that you shouldn’t miss. The conference is focused on insights you can take action on.

The sessions demonstrate practical deployments across a wide range of industries, large and small. TAW also explores the full range of vendor solutions to help you select the technology that will help you best reach your business goals.

  • Are you interested in using machine learning to understand emotion and sentiment?
  • Is it time for your company to create a natural language question-and-answer service to take your FAQs to the next level?
  • Ready to roll-out technology that does auto-tagging of customer feedback?

This leading event provides the means for people in fields traditionally separate and siloed to communicate and learn from one another – discovering how much they can gain from an interdisciplinary collaboration.

Attend TAW for your own professional development

You’ll return home from the conference with important contacts: hiring managers, thought leaders, peers, vendor partners, and more. Accelerate the growth of your network and forge the kind of deep relationships that come from face-to-face interaction. Wondering what skills and experiences you’ll need to progress your career? Get the kind of frank insider perspective that isn’t likely to pop up on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Welcome to the next generation of text analytics!

While topics change with each new event and dynamic presenter, we’re passionate about:

Voice of Customer
Voice of the Customer – Using text analytics to better understand customer feedback and customer experience issues. We’re particularly interested in case studies that demonstrate how companies are taking action based on insights from text analytics.
Survey research – Do you want to unlock value from the unstructured comments you’ve been collecting for years? How have you used text analysis to improve actionable results from employee surveys, Net Promoter Score surveys, or perhaps dealer/distributor surveys?
Big Data – Including integration of text analytics and predictive analytics – converting text into data and enhancing text mining applications, decision support, topic discovery, predictive modeling, and more.
Computer Generated Content – Is your company generating written content based on algorithms and data? Let’s discuss how leaders are programmatically creating sports, financial, logistics, or other narrative content.
Social Media – We’re ready to dive deep into specific examples of companies taking action based on what they’ve learned from social media analytics.
Healthcare – Discuss how text analytics is being used for analyzing patient medical histories, diagnosing patients more quickly, tracking medical conditions, and changing healthcare forever.
Security, fraud, abuse – Can you detect undesirable behavior using unstructured text data? Does your company have a system of identifying cyber-bullying behavior in an online forum? Can you mine email for signs of a spearfishing attack? Swap best practices and learn from others.

Are you a technology vendor?

Attend TAW and learn what your prospective customers want first hand. There are plenty of opportunities for informal conversation and networking. If you’d like to increase your presence in this critical market segment, contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at Text Analytics World.

Stay Tuned.

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